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Our Macmillan Breast Care Nurse Specialist, Lauren Carr, discusses our One Stop Breast Clinic, including who would be suitable to attend, and how she supports patients through their appointment.

“I’m Lauren I’m the Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist here at KIMS Hospital and I support patients throughout their appointment with a consultant.”

“At KIMS Hospital, the Breast Clinic appointment would mean that you initially see a consultant for an examination followed by any Imaging tests that are required. We have a dedicated team of specialist Radiologists, Mammographers and Nurses that will be able to help support you at every step of the way.”

“I attend the patient’s initial consultation during their examination process and then escort them around for any Imaging tests in addition I also offer support and information as required.”

“Anyone is suitable to attend the Breast Clinic at KIMS Hospital whether this be a male or female that has concerns about their breasts, they don’t need to have a GP referral. Although, some insurance companies may request that you see a GP prior to attending a One-Stop appointment.”

“Any patients who have concerns such as nipple changes or rash across the breast or a lump would be encouraged to attend our One-Stop Clinic there will usually be four stages to your appointment during a One-Stop Clinic. Firstly, you will meet with your Consultant Breast Surgeon who will discuss your symptoms, examine you and usually request any diagnostic scans and tests either myself or my nurse colleagues will accompany you during these discussions.”

“During the second stage of your One-Stop appointment you may be required to go to the Imaging Department where you will have an Ultrasound scan or a Mammogram during the third stage of your appointment you will go back to see your Consultant to discuss any scan results from the day myself or a colleague will again accompany you during these discussions and will be able to offer you support and guidance. Finally, if further treatment is needed your consultant will discuss all options with you during your appointment.”

Imelda found out so had Breast Cancer at the age of 48 and she shares her journey with us at KIMS Hospital;

“I didn’t really think anything of the lump at first and when my GP suggested I should see a consultant, I just thought they were being extra cautious. I have private medical insurance through my husband’s work, so I booked an appointment in the Breast Clinic at KIMS Hospital in Maidstone. I called them on Friday, after I left my GP’s, and had arranged an appointment to see Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Dani in the clinic on Tuesday, four days later”.

Find out more and read more on Imelda’s story.

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