Discharge & aftercare

Your Journey
Your treatment's been carried out and you're already on your way to recovery. Our team will continue to care for you throughout the rest of your journey. Enquiries & appointments

If you’re visiting as a day case patient, you are usually able to go home once you have had something to eat and drink, feel able to walk around steadily and have passed urine. If you are an inpatient, you will be able to go home between 10-11am on your day of discharge. However, if you feel you will be unable to meet this time, please discuss with your nurse and we will make adjustments where possible.

Before you leave us, your discharge nurse will ensure you have all of the information you need to, recover at home, care for your wound dressings (if necessary) and take your medication as needed. A nurse or pharmacist will talk you through any medicines you may need to take home with you, including any possible side effects you need to be aware of.

For some procedures, you may need to take some time away from work post-surgery. If you need a sick certificate to give to your employer, your consultant or nurse can advise and arrange for this.

We want to ensure you are recovering well from your treatment and have the support you need. If you have received a general or spinal anaesthetic, a member of the nursing team will carry out a follow-up call around 48-72 hours after your discharge to check your wellbeing and recovery.