Scans & tests

Your Journey
During your appointment your Consultant may refer you for some scans or tests. Enquiries & appointments

If you need a scan, your Consultant will complete a form which you can take round to our imaging reception team to make a booking. Find out more about Medical Imaging and the scans we offer.

If you need another test, such as a blood test, our outpatient administration team will advise you on how to book. In most cases, one of our outpatient nurses will take your blood for testing immediately after the request is made.

We aim to get you seen as quickly as we can, allowing reports to come back to our Consultants for a rapid diagnosis.

In some cases, you may be able to have a scan or test the same day as seeing your Consultant. You might also need to come back another day and our team will guide you through booking your tests and your follow-up appointment with your Consultant to discuss your results.

During your appointment to discuss your results, your Consultant will discuss any further tests or treatments you might need. If your Consultant recommends surgery to treat your condition, they will go through all of the details to help you make a decision that is right for you.