Your arrival

Your Journey
The day you arrive for your treatment can be a nervous time, but we aim to make your stay with us as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Enquiries & appointments

On the day of your arrival for treatment, we would suggest you wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing whilst avoiding wearing any jewellery. It is also very important not to wear artificial nails or nail polish. A full list of what you should be bringing into hospital will be sent to you before your admission.

Once you’ve arrived at KIMS Hospital, you will be greeted at our front desk by a member of our friendly reception staff. We’ll just need to check your admission and account details before one of our porters shows you to where you need to be whilst explaining the facilities at the hospital.

One of the nursing team will introduce themselves and prepare you for your treatment by going through any relevant paperwork. They will also ask a few questions about your health and check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. You will be visited by your Consultant to discuss any questions you have in preparation for your surgery or treatment.