Why Regular Testicle Checks Are So Important – Mr Tom Smith, Urologist

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For Men’s Health Month, Consultant Urologist Mr Tom Smith highlights the importance of monitoring your testicular health. Testicular checks are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in maintaining overall well-being.

In this informative video, Tom explains the reasons why regular testicle checks are so important for men of all ages. From early detection of potential issues to maintaining a proactive approach to health, the insights shared in this video could make a significant difference to your wellbeing or the wellbeing of someone you care about.

Together, let’s help raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Did you know testicular cancer is the most common cancer of men between the ages of 20 and 50 but has very good outcomes if diagnosed and treated early. It is therefore very important that all men regularly self-examine their testicles to identify any lumps or concerns.

If any lumps or changes are identified it’s very important to see your GP or urologist urgently to get further assessment. This will normally involve a further examination by the GP or urologist and then likely an ultrasound scan to assess the testicle and the lump further.

If you do have any concerns or have noticed a lump do please go and see your GP or urologist as quickly as possible.

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