Prostate Cancer Risks And Symptoms with Urologist, Tom Smith

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Did you know, one in three men over the age of 50 will develop prostate cancer?

Consultant Urologist, Mr Tom Smith, explains why men should be concerned about their prostate health, the symptoms of prostate cancer and the risk factors. Finally he shares how and when men can be assessed for prostate cancer.

Why should men be concerned about their prostate health?

One in three men over the age of 50 will suffer prostate symptoms at some point in their lifetime. The chances of developing prostate cancer increase with age but early diagnosis and treatment results in improved outcomes and increases the chances of cure.

What are common prostate problems?

Both benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are very common. Patients can also get infection within the prostate gland. Prostate conditions mainly affect men over the age of 65 but any man over the age of 50 is also at risk.

What symptoms should you look out for?

  • Early prostate cancer usually does not cause any symptoms, but both prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement can cause bothersome urinary symptoms including:
  • A reduction in flow.
  • Passing urine more frequently, either during the day or at night time.
  • Increasing straining or difficulty when passing urine.
  • Blood in the urine or semen.

What factors could increase the risk of prostate problems?

The risk factors for developing prostate problems are increasing age and also a positive family history; it is also more common in Black Men.

How can men assess their prostate health and when should they start?

Prostate assessment usually starts with a clinic review that will include a rectal examination. Following this, a PSA blood test will be taken and irrespective of the PSA test result, more men are proceeding with an MRI prostate scan to assess the prostate in more detail. If this shows any concerns then a prostate biopsy will be the next step.

If there are any concerns, bothersome symptoms or if you just want an assessment for peace of mind then do please go and see your GP or see a urologist.

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