ENT Services at KIMS Hospital & Sevenoaks Medical Centre with Mr Ali-lami

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Watch this video to discover what ENT / Head & Neck Surgery services Mr Ali Al-lami offers in his clinics at KIMS Hospital and Sevenoaks Medical Centre.

Mr. Ali Al-lami is an experienced consultant ENT / Head & Neck Surgeon who has a passion for improving the lives of his patients. He specialises in a wide range of ENT and head & neck conditions, offering personalised treatment options for patients in Kent..

In addition to having clinics at KIMS Hospital, Mr Ali Al-lami also sees patients at Sevenoaks Medical Centre, providing accessible healthcare services for patients in the area.

I am Ali Alami. I am an Ear, Nose and Throat, and a Head and Neck Consultant Surgeon.

I have over 14 years of experience in treating ENT conditions. I treat General Ear, Nose and Throat conditions for patients presenting with neck lumps or throat symptoms, as well as, nasal symptoms of nasal blockage and nasal discharge, and general ear problems such as hearing loss, tinnitus and ear discharge.

My special interest is head and neck surgery particularly in head and neck cancers. I treat and diagnose at Sevenoaks Medical Center and KIMS Hospital.

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