Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service at KIMS Hospital

Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service

If you have any symptoms relating to your heart, we can offer prompt and effective diagnosis from a team of experts.
This service is available at: KIMS Hospital

Please note: If you are suffering from severe chest pain or severe symptoms please dial 999

Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service at KIMS Hospital for those experiencing heart symptoms.

There are 7.6 million people living with Heart or Circulatory Disease in the UK*. Unfortunately, for many people suffering from these conditions, they go undetected. For others, they have been diagnosed but are still awaiting further cardiac or heart tests and a review with a Consultant Cardiologist.

We understand that if you have any symptoms relating to your heart you will want access to a prompt and effective service from a team of experts to diagnose the cause.

KIMS Hospital’s unique Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service offers patients with symptoms a triage with a Cardiac Nurse, followed by a tailored set of heart tests to obtain a detailed insight into your cardiovascular health, and a face-to-face consultation with a Cardiologist.

We can offer access to a prompt cardiac assessment if you are experiencing heart symptoms such as:

  • Palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Suspected Hypertension
  • Heart murmurs
  • Abnormal ECG results
  • Unexplained faints/syncope

If you have no symptoms but want a health check on your heart, we offer a Healthy Heart Assessment at KIMS Hospital.

*British Heart Foundation factsheet August 2022

How it works

Patients with cardiac symptoms are offered a triage call with a Cardiac Nurse and a face-to-face appointment with a Cardiology Consultant.

Within this triage we will discuss your symptoms, medication and medical history and a specialist nurse will determine the appropriate set of diagnostic tests for your symptoms to obtain a detailed insight into your cardiovascular health, and we will advise you of the cost.

Once these tests have been completed, you will have a face-to-face appointment with an appropriate type of Cardiologist to discuss your symptoms and results. The outcome of your cardiac assessment may determine that you require treatment, or further testing. If this is the case, the cost of this will be discussed during your appointment with the Cardiologist. Alternatively, you can refer into the NHS via your GP.

As a follow up to the service, all patients and their NHS GP will receive a copy of all the cardiac test results, a copy of the Cardiologist’s letter and a KIMS Hospital covering letter explaining the future outcomes and planned care.


Anne Hatswell, Cardiology Services Manager, KIMS Hospital
Cardiac Testing at KIMS Hospital Our Cardiology Services Manager explains the Cardiac Testing we have available at KIMS Hospital.
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Call us on 01622 538186  or email CardiacTriage@kims.org.uk to find out more, or to book your triage with a Cardiac Nurse.

Our team are available to help during 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Prices range from £500 depending on the range of tests required.

A Cardiac Nurse will determine the appropriate set of diagnostic heart tests for your symptoms based on the results of your triage, and a price will be communicated to you.

Prices include a full face-to-face consultation with a Cardiologist to review your test results, and payment will be requested following your triage.

The diagnostic tests that we use as part of our screening process may include:
14 day CardioSTAT
Blood tests
24 hour blood pressure monitor
Lying and standing blood pressure test

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get all the results at the consultation?

Yes, the Cardiologist will discuss all your test results with you during your face to face appointment.

If I require further diagnostic tests will these be carried out at KIMS Hospital?

Yes, we can undertake any further tests you may require at KIMS Hospital.

Can I be referred back into the NHS after the assessment?

Yes, the Cardiologist can write to your GP and request that further care will be needed within the NHS for the procedure you require.

Will my GP have access to my results?

Yes, on completion of your screening, the triage team will write to your GP, and yourself, with a copy of your results and clinic letter which will outline future care management.

Will I be informed of all future costs at consultation?

Yes, all Cardiologists will have ongoing costs of tests and procedures so this can be discussed during your appointment.

What if I need a procedure?

At KIMS Hospital, Cardiologists can implant pacemakers, perform ablations, do angiograms and insert coronary stents.  If you need open heart surgery such as a bypass operation, or valve replacement we can refer you to other centres.

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