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Angela Dunn is our lead Infection and Prevention Nurse (IPC) at KIMS Hospital. She’s joined us with over 25 years of healthcare experience and has worked in Medicine, Cardiology, Clinical Teaching, and Management roles. Get to know Angela with a Q&A on her role and her time so far at KIMS Hospital.

What is a lead Infection and Prevention Nurse?

As the Infection Control Lead it’s my responsibility to promote best practices for KIMS Hospital to ensure we have robust surveillance systems and prevent the spread of infection. I work not only with patients, staff and physicians but also scientists, public health experts and government agencies in order to have up to date local and National guidance.

What is something your role has taught you?

Having been in healthcare for over 25 years, I can reflect back on my nursing career and I have had the most wonderful time learning new skills and gaining knowledge every day. I never grow tired of new ways of working, research on topics of interest. I have been extremely privileged to work in Medicine, Cardiology, Clinical Teaching, and Management roles.

My role has taught me to value life. Having worked with so many very poorly patients over the years,  I know how important it is to make the most of every opportunity and live life to the full.

When did you become the Lead Infection and Prevention Nurse at KIMS Hospital?

I joined KIMS hospital at the beginning of July after a recommendation, I am so glad I made the decision to apply. The people and environment are wonderful and have made me feel very welcome, it’s has been a pleasure to meet new people and see some old faces. I love being able to visit departments and talk to staff and patients. Being visible is by far the most important element with this role.

Do you have a top tip for preventing infection?

As I always tell everyone “hand hygiene” is the top number one thing that we can all do to prevent infection.

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