Cardiac Testing at KIMS Hospital

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Our Cardiology Services Manager, Anne Hatswell, highlights the different types of Cardiac Testing available at KIMS Hospital. This includes our Rapid Cardiac Assessment service that can help diagnose symptoms relating to your heart when you want answers quickly.

Hello, my name is Anne Hatswell and I am the Cardiac Service Manager here at KIMS Hospital.

Here at KIMS Hospital, we offer a cardiac assessment service that deals with all patients that have cardiac symptoms, such as, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, murmurs, and abnormal ECGs.

As part of the triage you will speak to a dedicated cardiac nurse, who will go through all your symptoms and decide what bespoke set of tests you require. Following your triage you will go on to have your Cardiology tests done at KIMS Hospital in the Cardiology Department.

Once these tests are complete you’ll go on to see a Consultant Cardiologist who will look over your results and discuss with you a dedicated plan for going forward. Our cardiac assessment service is here to give you the reassurance and the treatment plan you require.

As an alternative we offer a healthy heart assessment. This is for patients that have no cardiac symptoms but just want reassurance that everything within their heart is okay. Should further tests or treatment be required, KIMS Hospital is able to support you throughout that journey.

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