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Jess Santo, designated Cosmetic Nurse, KIMS Hospital

Jess is a Registered Nurse with experience and expertise working within Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Having a designated Cosmetic Nurse based at KIMS Hospital gives us the opportunity to offer a more personalised service throughout a patient’s Cosmetic journey.

Jess works alongside 11 Cosmetic Surgeons to assist in the day-to-day managing of our outpatient clinics. She acts as the link between the patient, consultant, and the hospital. She works with patients from the initial consultation, during post-operative care right up until the patient is discharged.

We asked Jess some of the common questions she gets asked about her role and things to consider when having Cosmetic treatments.

What are the benefits of having a designated Cosmetic Nurse?

Patients can contact me personally if they have concerns or are worried and I can advise or see them as necessary. Cosmetic surgery is a big life decision and its important patients feel fully informed and supported throughout their journey with us. Having someone they can turn to at any time other than the consultant can be extremely comforting and build confidence in the service and hospital.

How do you work with the consultants?

I work as a link and advocate for the patients post op and liaise with consultants about progress or any issues that arise with wounds etc when they are off site. I have a direct link and excellent working relationship with all the consultants and their secretaries. This ensures the smooth running of all clinics, follow ups and patient journeys.

What advice would you give someone considering Cosmetic surgery?

Come and have a chat to one of our consultants to find out as much information as possible about what type, if any, surgery you are suitable for. Information is key, so the more knowledge you gain about the desired procedure the better to ensure you are fully informed before proceeding. Finally, choose a location that is safe and you feel comfortable in. Having a port of call post op is so important.

Why have a Cosmetic procedure at a hospital?

There are many clinics or locations to have Cosmetic surgery, however having an environment where you can walk into if you have an issue, full of medical professionals 24/7, and carries out a number of different surgical procedures daily. This should fill patients with confidence that they are in safe hands and is key to a speedy and safe recovery.

What advice would you give to someone who was nervous before having a procedure?

Discuss your concerns with the consultant or Cosmetic team and ask as many questions as possible, no question is a silly question!

Do your research but listen to the professionals and not everything you read online is true or relevant to you. Come back for as many consultations or chats as you want, until you feel happy and confident to proceed. There is no such thing as time wasting when it comes to your safety and wellbeing.

How do we keep patients who are undergoing Cosmetic treatments safe at KIMS Hospital?

To ensure patients are well looked after both physically and mentally there are a number of things we have put in place to ensure this.

    1. Patients will meet with their operating consultant at least twice ahead of surgery, and must have a 2-week cooling off period between these appointments, as stated as best practice by the Royal College of Surgeons
    2. All Cosmetic patients will see one of our in-house Psychologists for their Holistic Assessment. This consultation is to give patients an opportunity to explore their expectations and motivation for surgery
    3. Patients will be given a full pre-assessment based on their medical history and type of surgery and will have a tailored care plan for them which will look into any potential risks and complications they may have and ensure they are addressed or dealt with ahead of surgery. All patients will also meet with their Anaesthetist on the day of surgery.
    4. All necessary risk assessments are carried out on the ward pre and post op and managed accordingly. Antibiotics are given at the time of surgery to reduce the risk of infection as well as prophylactic anticoagulants to avoid blood clots.
    5. Post operatively all wound and dressing changes will be carried out in a clean and aseptic environment to minimise infections and the hospital has Doctors and Nurses on site 24/7 in the instance you need to be seen urgently, with direct contact to your consultant.

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