KIMS Hospital sponsors Elmer’s ‘Big Heart of Kent Parade’

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Elmer's 'Big Heart of Kent Parade', sponsored by KIMS Hospital

KIMS Hospital is delighted to be sponsoring the Big Heart of Kent Parade: 19th July – 22nd August

As part of the parade, which is in support of Heart of Kent Hospice, KIMS Hospital has a uniquely designed Elmer the Elephant sculpture on display in Maidstone. The parade is made up of 51 Elmers, each decorated by a local or national artist, which form a trail spanning a 3 mile stretch in Maidstone. The sculptures are sponsored by local businesses or organisations, making the trail deeply rooted in the local community.

The parade was supposed to debut last summer but, because of the pandemic, the hospice had to make the difficult decision to postpone the celebrations.

Visitors and residents will be able to find the eye-catching elephants by exploring the town centre, parks and river paths. To help you find them all, we encourage you to download the free Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade app from the App Store or Google Play. The app will show those exploring the trail the location of each Elmer, along with information about partners, sponsors and artists.

Each Elmer will have a unique app code. Once you tap the code into your device, it will reveal some rewards to be downloaded, fun trail statistics and family-friendly challenges.

Once you find the KIMS Hospital sponsored Elmer sculpture, be sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

At the end of the summer each of the large Elmer’s will be auctioned to raise funds for Heart of Kent Hospice, enabling them to continue to provide outstanding Hospice care and support to local families.

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