Lauren Awarded The Joan Frances Stowe Prize 2022

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Lauren Carr, Breast Care Nurse at KIMS Hospital, Awarded The Joan Frances Stowe Prize 2022

Congratulations to Lauren Carr, Breast Care Nurse at KIMS Hospital, for being awarded the Joan Frances Stowe Prize from the Royal Marsden School, which was awarded to her for her significant contribution to clinical practice. Lauren was nominated for the award by our Cancer Services Manager, Caroline Clark, for her accomplishments, and making a such a positive difference to the hospital, and the care of our patients.

Maggie Uzzell, the Module Lead at The Royal Marsden School, said, “Lauren undertook the Principles of Breast Cancer Care at Level 7. In her academic work she demonstrated exemplary skills of critical analysis and problem solving. She clearly worked very hard on the assignment, and she identified areas of care that needed further development. It is clear that she thought about the key issues. She is clearly a very capable and caring nurse, and she thoroughly deserved the mark that she was awarded. I wish her lots of luck with her future career.”

Caroline Clark, the Cancer Services Manager at KIMS Hospital, who nominated Lauren for the award, commented, “From the very first moment of undertaking her training post Lauren has shown her professionalism and dedication to sensitively and methodically support patients who have been given a diagnosis of breast cancer at the very first stage, onwards to surgery and beyond. This award is well-deserved.”

Lauren is currently furthering her skills and experience by training to become a Macmillan Breast Care Nurse Specialist.

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