Thank you for thanking us

At KIMS Hospital, we’re still hard at work caring for patients, providing essential support to our local NHS Hospitals as they focus on battling the Coronavirus.

We’ve been getting some wonderful messages of thanks and support over the last couple of weeks from patients, as well as our neighbours and friends.

Each and everyone one of our team are so grateful to receive messages of support. It helps keep us going, coming into work every day to care for local people.

We’ve had messages of thanks from our patients like this:

I would personally like to thank all of you from the cleaners to the top dogs for all your hard work and support in these very very sad and challenging times, please stay well and let’s all hope this horrible virus leaves us as quick as it arrived. God bless you all.

We’ve also received fantastic words of support from our colleagues at Kent County Cricket Club. Thanks to player Calum Haggett who sent us the below video.


And, our neighbours, Penny’s Nursery have put up these signs to help show support to the NHS and KIMS Hospital.

We can’t tell you how much this means to us, and keeps us all strong motivated to come to work with a smile on our faces.

Thank you so much, for thanking us.