Reopening our services

In line with guidance from the Department of Health and Public Health England we are now able to reopen our services to patients for elective private consultations, diagnostics and surgery.

Our friendly enquiries team is on hand to answer your questions and advise you on appointment times. You can call on 01622 237 727 or email

Please Remember: If you or anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid-19, do not come to hospital, stay at home and follow the guidance available at 

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 14/07/2020

We’ve put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions about coming to KIMS Hospital. We’ll update this page regularly with new content, and you’ll be given all the details you need about coming in for an appointment when we send you your appointment booking information.

Can I book a private appointment now?
You are welcome to enquire about and book consultations, scans, tests and treatments. It’s important that we reopen slowly and safely. We are also managing a waiting list of previously postponed appointments. Please bear with us as there might be a slightly longer wait time to get an appointment.

How safe is it to come to hospital?
Rest assured that keeping you safe remains our top priority. We closely follow and quickly adapt to the latest guidance from the Department of Health and Public Health England. We’ve put in a number of measures to keep our patients and staff safe whilst at the hospital. You can read more on our dedicated page for safety measures here.

Are you treating any patients for Covid-19 at KIMS Hospital?
No, we are not treating any patients for Covid-19 at the hospital. We are testing every inpatient that comes to our hospital and we only admit patients for condition unrelated to Covid-19.

My treatment was postponed due to the lockdown measures, when can I rebook my procedure?
We are working through all of the patients whose care was postponed including consultations, scans, tests and treatments. If your care was postponed we will be in touch with you directly as soon as we are able to offer you a new appointment.

I had a scan or test before lockdown, do I need to have them redone?
Because time has passed, it’s possible that you will need to have a scan or test carried out again. Your consultant will review the stage of your care with us and we will let you know if you need to have anything redone.

If I am coming in for a procedure, do I need to do anything differently?
If you’re coming to KIMS Hospital for surgery, you will need to self isolate for 14 days, and be tested 48 hours before you come in. Our team will send you detailed information on what is expected of you before you come in for a procedure.

Am I allowed to have visitors at the hospital?
So that we can protect the safety of our patients and staff, it is important for us to reduce the number of visitors as much as possible. Until further notice, we are not permitting patients to have visitors at the moment. We are also asking outpatients to come alone where possible.

Are you booking NHS patients for treatments via eRS?
At the moment, we are still working under our contract with NHS England to provide support during the Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as we are able to start rebooking, we will be in touch with those patients who have had operations postponed, and announce when we can begin to offer new appointments.

Are you still supporting the local NHS Hospitals with their patients?
We are still supporting the NHS by providing care to those patients that still need urgent treatment for other health conditions. You can read more about that here