We’ve completed 100% of Consultants’ annual appraisals, beating the national average

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We’re delighted to tell you that KIMS Hospital has achieved a 100% completion rate for all of Consultants, GPs and Resident Medical Officers that work with us at KIMS Hospital. The national average completion rate for Doctor’s appraisals is 91%.

Every year, Consultants have annual appraisals where they discuss and reflect on their work over the last year. A panel of senior clinicians including our Medical Director carries out the appraisals to review the care provided to our patients.

Providing safe, outstanding quality care.

The yearly appraisals contribute to a five-yearly revalidation process. Revalidation aims to make sure all doctors licensed to practise in the UK and registered with the General Medical Council, are both up to date and fit to practise.

What does this mean for me?

As a patient at KIMS Hospital you can have confidence that every one of the Consultants that work here have all met the professional standards set out by the General Medical Council.

A requirement of the revalidation process is that Consultants collect evidence and information throughout the year, which encourages them to reflect regularly on their work, look at things they are doing well, and identify any areas in which they could perhaps improve.

Patient feedback is an important part of this process too, and our patients are asked to give their thoughts on the quality of Consultants’ care.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can read here about how we keep you safe in other ways.

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