Local Member of Parliament Visits KIMS Hospital, Maidstone

Blog Health News 30th September 2016 Enquiries & appointments

Helen Whately, Member of Parliament (MP) for Faversham and Mid Kent visited KIMS Hospital, the largest independent hospital in Kent, to understand the role the hospital plays in delivering increasing levels of healthcare for local people; both private and NHS patients.

During her full tour of the hospital on 20th September, Helen met front line staff along with members of the Executive team. “I was impressed by the facilities at KIMS Hospital, particularly the diagnostic technology as well as the environment for patients. I spoke to front line staff who were clearly committed to caring for their patients and enjoying the opportunity to do so at KIMS Hospital. I am glad they are treating NHS patients as well as those with private insurance, so more people get the benefit of having a new hospital on our doorstep. As so much investment has gone into KIMS Hospital and there’s such a need for healthcare, I’m keen to see the most made of its facilities for the community”.

Simon James, CEO of KIMS Hospital commented, “I was delighted to welcome Helen to KIMS Hospital and to have the opportunity to show how we care for local people today and plan to do so in the future. Part of our commitment to delivering healthcare for more people is demonstrated by our continued level of investment; in particular the recent £250,000 investment in a new state of the art clean air flow system in an additional, our fifth, operating theatre. This investment enables us to create additional capacity to treat patients requiring orthopaedic surgery, one of our fields of expertise here at KIMS Hospital. We take very seriously our commitment to supporting local people and being part of the local healthcare community.”

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