KIMS Hospital launches new Reflux Centre in partnership with RefluxUK

Blog Health News 1st November 2021 Enquiries & appointments
Woman eating a pizza promoting KIMS Hospital new Reflux Centre in partnership with RefluxUK

KIMS Hospital have partnered with RefluxUK, the largest reflux specialist in the UK, to provide specialist care to people whose lives are impacted by reflux.

Reflux symptoms affect millions of people in the UK and for many their symptoms can be controlled with medication. For those where medication does not work, and symptoms are persistent, the Reflux Centre at KIMS Hospital provides the expertise required both to diagnose the cause of symptoms, and, once identified, to treat them. This is done through providing access to the most modern diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Many conditions can cause reflux symptoms and while most are simple to diagnose and treat, for some people, their combination of symptoms can be complex and require specialist insight to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

RefluxUK’s multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of consultants and clinicians specialised in the treatment of reflux review each case, ensuring patients have access to the expertise they need.

Find out more, or make an enquiry, on our Reflux Centre page.

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