Clinician financial interest in KIMS Hospital

The following have practicing privileges at KIMS Hospital and also hold ‘C’ Class shares in KIMS Kent Holdings Ltd. 

KIMS Hospital Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of KIMS Kent Holdings Ltd. 

The number of ‘C’ class shares represents 0.1% of the total number of shares in issue for KIMS Kent Holdings Ltd.

 Name  Number of Shares
 Dr Praveen Bilagi  500
 Dr John Donaldson 1200 
 Dr David Fish 400 
 Dr Vijayakumar Ganesh 600 
 Dr Robert Hadden 200 
 Dr Timothy Hampton 400 
 Miss Delilah Hassanally 500 
 Dr Phyllis Holt 200 
 Mr Parminder Jeer 400 
 Dr Ravish Mankragod 400 
 Dr Nigel Padgham 400 
 Dr Thomas Reichhelm 400 
 Dr Paul Ryan 150 
 Dr Gerald Saldanha 300 
 Prof John Schofield 400 
 Dr Larry Shall 200 
 Prof Anan Shetty 400 
 Dr Scott Takeda 200 
 Dr Chris Thom 500 
 Prof Richard Underwood 1000 
 Mr Jonathan Walczak 400 
 Dr Jonty West 200