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An England-wide survey of over 5,000 adults found that 80% of people aged over 18 have made the decision to change their lifestyle in 2021 – with seven in 10 adults motivated to get healthier due to COVID-19.

It won’t be surprising to hear that being sedentary is bad for your physical and mental health. Plus, with evidence showing that obesity significantly increases your chance of being admitted to intensive care with COVID-19, it’s never been more important to stay physically active.

Not only do we need to consider our physical health, but our worries about the virus, and our stresses about jobs and being away from loved ones, is taking its toll on our mental health too.

If you’re one of those that have opted to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2021, then it’s worth noting that exercise is a great way to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing. Although gyms and leisure centres will remain closed for the foreseeable future, there’s still a really simple way to get fitter and healthier… walking or running. Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit, so why not try something like the NHS’s ‘Couch to 5K’. The plan is for all levels and involves completing 3 runs per week, with a day of rest in between.

It’s all contained within a handy smartphone app which is designed to help you gradually work up towards running 5km in just 9 weeks with no need for any equipment or experience of running. Find out more on the NHS’s Couch to 5K page.

If you’re worried about the cold weather, or you would rather be active from the comfort of your own home then there are plenty of online workouts to choose from. Many are free and can be accessed from YouTube, so if you have a smart-TV then you can play them through there.

Popular options to choose from include:

  • NHS Fitness Studio has instructor-led videos for aerobics, strength and resistance, pilates and yoga. The workouts have been created by fitness experts and range from 10 to 45 minutes. You will also find workouts suitable for new mums, such as postnatal yoga, or health problems, such as pilates for back pain.
  • PE with Joe Wicks which offers free home workouts to everyone, no matter what their fitness levels. The channel has over 250+ free workouts and was credited with helping to ‘keep the nation moving’ during the first lockdown.

There are so many ways to keep physically active during lockdown. If the above doesn’t sound appealing then it may be time to consider a new hobby such as skipping or cycling. The important thing is not to focus on what you can’t do, but focus on what you can – as long as you adhere to the government guidelines whilst doing it.

If you’re new to exercise, or you’re returning from a long break, it is probably best to ease yourself in gently. This can be done by beginning with just five to 10 minutes of exercise per day, and then trying to increase that by two to three minutes every couple of sessions. You can also split your exercise into two or three sessions throughout the day, until you feel fit enough to combine them into one.

And of course, some days it will be a struggle to motivate yourself, especially with the current circumstances. So just remember, if you’re having an off day, then take some time to yourself and go again the following day.

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